Where do we come from?

1st volunteering

Two of our members take part in a first volunteering in Ghana where they know the place and collaborate with various local NGOs such as FAFA and DACF. Such experience touches them and nothing is the same again when back to Spain.



We start to meet together and it is clear for us that we want to continue helping Ghana, but…how could we do it in the best possible way? By collaborating with local NGOs? Sending donations? The experience thrilled them. However, there are some things that do not convince them of the different proposals they have on the table and that is why they decided to start from scratch a non-profit organization.



Bylaws and projects

With the aim of ​​doing things properly and going step by step, the constitution Bylaws of TEAM4Ghana are drafted and presented at the same time that data and budgets of the first priorities for the founders and they begin to work in that direction, contacting organizations in Ghana and Alberto Figueroa also, architect of Zaragoza with similar pretensions to ours and who is interested in collaborating in the school’s project.


Second visit to Ghana

With the Bylaws already written and presented, we travel again to the ground to assess the viability of the first projects and the acceptance the people involved would have if they were performed. Links with friendly organizations in Ghana are strengthened and all the necessary information is gathered, both budgetary and bureaucratic data.


TEAM4Ghana Birth

We are informed about the approval of the Bylaws. TEAM4Ghana is officially born and we present and obtain our own Tax Identification Number. At the same time, work continues on the planning of the projects, the development of the website and on the open actions that need to be done. We really want to do things well and that takes some time.

MAY - JUNE 2017

Launch of the website and Social Networks

Without the help given by many people who have dedicated their time to this project, we could not be on the starting point we are today. Thanks to all of them because they are already part of this family: Elena for the logo, Javi for the website, Henar for your designs, Rita, Amaia and Maialen for your photos and Elvira, Berta and many others for your time, advice, talks and completely disinterested spirits. You are making this possible!


Events and more events

Apart from the presentation event at the “EspacioTangente” (Burgos), we were in Murcia, Espinosa de losMonteros (ARITM), Cercedilla (LPS Festival), Sedano (local parties), La Horra (local parties), Busto de Bureba (Autrigalia Fest), Mozoncillo de Juarros (local parties), Vertavillo (local parties) and an endless number of attendances to get funds.


Milestone: Drinking water well in Luisa

Henar, Pepe and Roberto travel to Ghana for 20 days to realize the first projects (please see “finished projects”). In few months, TEAM4Ghana is able to finance a drinking water well, to make an important donation to DACF and to buy a motorbike and some bicycles in the Kanjaga region. In all, more than 5.000€ allocated to projects in less than one year.

Website in English, Youtube and more events.

In addition to moving forward with the updates in Social Networks and the website, we took part in some events in Burgos (“EspacioTangente”), Valladolid (“LaLupe Bar”), Campolara (“Santa Catalina Alternativa”), Ibeas de Juarros (“Solidarity Week”), Murcia (“Cuartel de Artillería”, Tres Cantos, etc. And wekeeponraisingfunds! Furthermore, Alvaro run on behalf of us the “Autumn Shakespeare Marathon”in UK.


Wave of volunteers

Our family is getting bigger and bigger and more people are increasingly becoming an active part of TEAM4Ghana. During these last months, Gemma, Javi, Sandra, Ale, Quique, Andrea and Elena have joined those who already were involved in the organization to boost the projects and initiatives. Moreover, we were present in more events: Madrid (“Art Market Tabacalera”), Tomares (IES Itaca), Valladolid (“LaLupe Bar”), Burgos (“EspacioTangente)…but this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Where are we going to?

We are going to perform cooperation and development projects in Ghana. We are going to give talks in both schools and institutes in Spain. We are going to collect material and donations to improve the lives of the inhabitants of Ghana. And last but not least, we are going to fight for what we believe and we are going to do our best… Do you want to support us?