TEAM4Ghana is more than a non-profit organization. It is a group of eagerly people sharing the same goals and objectives.

With the aim of the collected money being almost fully invested in the projects, all the people collaborating in this NGO do so selflessly, this means that we are non-paid volunteers and so it is determined by the Bylaws.

Founded in March 2017 and after the launch of the Social Networks in June of the same year, we are now more than twenty people participating more actively in the NGO and some more are supporting us occasionally along the national territory, Ghana and third countries.

The ONG couldn’t have been born if a lot of people wouldn’t have done their bit. We warmly thank you your support and we appreciate in advance the collaboration of those who will join us.


Roberto López Esteban


Roberto was born in Burgos almost thirty years ago and he’s an Aeronautical Engineer. He really enjoys travelling, spend time with his friends and practicing sports.

TEAM4Ghana: After visiting Ghana twice, the first one as volunteer for “Dream Africa Care Foundation” and the second one to delve a bit more into the possibility to carry out the potential projects of the new organization, he embarked himself to establish the NGO with two good friends in order to pursue all the ideas the people he met during his journeys proposed for their communities.


José Enrique Pérez Zamora


José Enrique was born in Cartagena and he is a Civil Engineer. He has always like helping the others, make them laugh and have a positive attitude towards problems.

TEAM4Ghana: He actively participates in the “Asociación Juvenil Sherpa” of his city where he works with children in social and working risk for many years. He wanted to give an opportunity to his willingness to help and involved himself from the very first step of this organization.


Diego Bustos Lázaro


Diego was born in Almería and he studies Physics in the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. He loves practicing sports, running in particular and spend time with this friends.

TEAM4Ghana: In the summer of 2016 he went to Ghana as a volunteer for “Dream Africa Care Foundations”. Such experience led to the idea of creating this ONG and he collaborates from the first moment in his free time.

People that make this Project feasible

Henar Rodríguez

T4G wouldn’t be the same without her great implication. She’sguilty for attracting the attention of more people due to her graphic work. She travelled in October 2017 and recorded in situ all the material that has been used to launch the documentary film “Nothing is easy”, a masterpiece.


Javier Herrera

In June 2017, he designed this amazing website in record time.  From that moment, he’s always behind every update or detail we ask him for. What a gift counting on his voluntary assistance from the Canary Islands.


Elvira Álvarez

She is a vocational educationist. She was in the region during Christmas time in 2016 and January 2017 to tight bonds with other organizations and propose new projects and ideas.


Javier Antón

He’s been involved from the beginning not only with his ideas and contributions but also with the time he has invested in the different events that have taken place in Burgos being the way to consolidate our NGO in the city. He’s always willing to collaborate with new proposals…such a delight!


Berta Briñas

As a Mountains Engineer and natural product and nature lover, she is raising the orchard for the School and participating from the beginning in the events.

Specializes in Sustainable and Innovative Architecture, his architecture’s studio in Zaragoza is mostly focused on projects of the African West coast. He has cooperated by designing the School and assessing the different proposals we had in hand.


Elena Calatrava

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Her detailed work coming from Germany with the logo is our best letter of presentation. She’s always willing to support in what is within reach. We are sure she will repeat. Thanks a lot Ele!


Gemma González

She’s always willing to give a hand whereverin Madrid. She’s also guilty about the website being in English, as well as the documents and videos are. Thanks to her, T4G reaches more people and more important, to those we work for and with in Ghana.


Sandra García

Totally engaged, she spends her little time in the events taking place in Burgos and she is responsible for our Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and because of her fantastic job, they become greater after every publication.

Valladolid, Burgos, Madrid, she cannot afford to miss the opportunity to help wherever and no matter how.  She’s a restless individual who is always brainstorming and spending her time in several events and flea markets. Such a pleasure counting on her enthusiasm!


Andrea García

Creative as possible, she did the design for “Together Everyone Achieves More” which is a distinguishing mark of our NGO.  She actively helped us with some panels for the events we have taken part in.


People actively supporting TEAM4Ghana from Ghana

Saeed Zia

Co-founder of the young NGO “WTAGC”, one of the NGOs which closely cooperate with us. She was also one of the thirteen students who visited Luisa for the first time and carried out a study and wrote the project we all try to perform nowadays. An essential woman in the team.


Silas Akanmig

More than a teacher, he’s an outstanding Social Worker in the Southern Builsa region. After two years in “School for Life”, when we met him, he’s currently “District Program Coordinator” with CAMFED and he’s always willing to help no matter how.


Gloria Odotei

She’s the manager of the local NGO “DACF” since some years ago. Due to her power and kindness, she leads the children in her shelter house. She’s been involved since the very first time in T4G and she’s our closest link to Ghana and one of the reasons why we undertook this project.


Gbolo Emmanuel

Emma is the link between the school Preparatory New Life School and the UBU students who could have the chance to do their internships in Ghana from 2018 onwards. He’s a wonderful host who let us participate in this project in Damongo in a different way.


John Baptist

Some years ago, after being in the University, he decided to come back to his community to help the youngest people to have better opportunities in life. That’s how the local NGO “Hope for Builsa” was born. He’s its manager and supports us in logistic matters in Kanjarga and Luisa every time we have needed it.